Why is breakfast so important?

Breakfast is that all-important moment of the day to sit at a table and enjoy a Viennese pastry or some slices of bread with a hot drink. According to dieticians, it is not a meal to miss, as it is supposed to cover one quarter of our recommended daily amounts and provide energy, fibre and vitamins.

Bread remains the reference when it comes to breakfast, accounting for 50% for teenagers and 61% for adults (source: Observatoire du Pain). With its complex carbohydrates, it is the ideal food to avoid the urge to snack before lunch. And yet, it has been reported that only 60% of young people aged between 20 and 29 actually eat breakfast in the morning. This is due to spending time on their tablets and smartphones (source: CREDOC), which pushes back their bedtime, and therefore the time at which they wake up! Short of time, some decide to skip breakfast.

But, to counter this phenomenon, there is a new trend which is shaking up habits and appealing to many: snacking! Working people are increasingly fond of eating “on the go”, and even breakfast is hopping on this trend! A few slices of toast at home are now being replaced with a quick stop-off at a bakery or coffee shop before starting a busy day.

To capitalise on this growing habit, out-of-home caterers are making efforts to multiply choices and diversify their product ranges. We are seeing new tea rooms spring up, as well as fast casual establishments, where quality is linked to speed.

The result of this fad? A 5% increase in out-of-home catering establishments in 2016 (source: NPD Group). In correlation with the snacking wave, an additional service is also picking up: delivery! In 2017, breakfast posted a bold rise of 162% (source: Étude 2018 Deliveroo).

Faced with this tidal wave, how are traditional hotels and restaurants holding their own? Well, by following consumer expectations, which are mainly focused today on quality and health. Breakfast is a key moment for promoting local products. A combination of simplicity and authenticity will appeal to your customers. But breakfast is also the moment for your customers to enjoy a special experience by tasting indulgent and original, sweet or savoury flavours. The notion of brunch is currently favourite and is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers.