Ultra delicious

Changing consumption patterns !

Meals of all kinds are becoming less and less of a private affair. Breakfast and snack time have turned into strategic issues for away-fromhome food service, and more products are being offered that are structured around these two mealtimes.

Ultra delicious, for an even greater burst of sensations !

Ultra rich, ultra delicious, ultra nostalgic: there’s no shortage of adjectives to describe the latest sweet products that are appearing on the market. These products are responding to expectations of consumers, who are looking to treat themselves with more intense sensations. Their blend of textures and flavours promises an original and ever more indulgent taste experience.

Did you know ?

The most well-known legend pegs the birth of the croissant at 1683 in Vienna. To celebrate the end of the Turkish siege of the city, a pastry shaped like a crescent moon, recalling the symbol on the Ottoman flag, was invented. The croissant was then introduced to France by Marie-Antoinette of Austria in 1770, on the occasion of her marriage to Louis XVI.