Sharing bread : The perfect gathering around the same table ?

Mauro Colagreco

We don’t have this idea of sharing so much we hardly ever have the chance to enjoy the emotional experience of a long meal and that’s a pity. We really should try to keep it going.
Amalia Colagreco was my grandmother on my father’s side she was always in a good mood a bright ray of sunshine always happy, attentive to others.
I remember as soon as we arrived from morning to night she was always at the stove always ready to please happy to see her children and we inherited this passion from her this love of cooking before the meal she would make a loaf.
For there were eleven of us grandchildren and at midday we were famished we used up so much energy she made a loaf not the same shape as we do today and she put it right in the middle of the table and we grabbed this bread.
Which was the best bread in the world we say that as a tribute to her That bread was full of love and it represents for me what a meal should represent.

Sara Sendra :

The first loaf which is offered free as a welcome is home made it’s called bannock, a cross between bread and Ciabatta which is served in a comforting way it has the shape of a flower that you can break you can dip it in oil while you’re waiting for the appetizers waiting to chose your menu something welcoming.
They say you can share it and taste it with this oil, some people ask how do we do it? So we tell them to take their knife. You see, it’s a shape that can be broken off by hand.

Frédéric Lalos

The bread is the best symbol for sharing a loaf is for sharing, that’s clear i still remember those huge loaves nothing like the half pound loaf but big loaves 3, six or even 12 pounds.
You cut slices so big it took three people to eat one that’s only a slight exaggeration i remember the sharing i used to think of bread as something that had to be cut i have strong memories on this subject this bread is what I call sharing.
It’s between 200 to 300 grams you sit it in the centre of the table or in a small basket or the server serves the guests this bread which is pre-cut into two, three or four precisely to have a whole loaf, to be shared i find that highly symbolic and beautiful.

Sara Sendra :

We wanted to share that can be shocking sometimes in gastronomy because we suggest you use your hands even if you have a knife.
Some people are shocked, especially in business and so it also becomes a way of bringing people together saying here, let’s share this. With a Christian side let’s break bread together so we sit it down and let them get on with it.

Frédéric Lalos :

Some chefs like the loaves round, other long or square or sliced that’s their special request sometimes I suggest things but they also have requests.
Why do you ask this? Because the bread basket is long, round or square or their table is square or rectangular.
I think depending on their ideas, they ask me to work differently when cutting you have to be careful for there are crumbs everywhere but it’s beautiful !
You can animate a desert trolley, a cheese trolley but animating bread is marvellous i’m preaching to the choir but it’s the truth.

Sara Sendra :

This bread in fact doesn’t make crumbs that’s part of the approach of a Ciabatta that you break so the inside is aerated and also, when you dip it in oil it needs to be slightly spongy to soak up the oil.
Quite intelligent we gave it thought to put the customer at ease bread is still something people enjoy eating in gastronomy it is a guiding thread for the table.
In any case for certain people who like establishments that preserve the traditions like we do our cuisine is inventive in its generation but is fundamentally French with codes gravy – “jus”, degrees of cooking, sauces, bread, cheese it is still a French table that corresponds to home and the people expect this.
We have a clientele of regulars who bring their friends you simply must taste this because it is warm… bread, wine, with the welcome of the Ciabatta you can bring into play a white wine that contrasts with the oil aspect we use different oils, too

Mauro Colagreco :

It is rather daring to get people to muck in but it is something that is so very ancestral sharing bread we see it more and more in gourmet restaurants we are not the only ones who do it but it’s very symbolic.
It’s one of Amalia, my grandmother’s recipes the shape has been designed so that people can break their bread easily so that everyone has the same portion tt is a fair loaf.
And the bread Amalia put on the table that bread was baked in a wood fire oven and I loved the burnt aspect it’s a bit of the rustic outdoor nature of the heat and the brutality of the flame but the roundness, that whiteness with the delicious dough.
I love these two contrasts strong personality and soft nature you could see it in her bread but it was just like her bread expresses the state of mind of the baker. You could say I really love bread!