Sandwiches a growth market

Everywhere in Europe the sandwich industry is a growing one and today contributes a lot in the food to go sector. The market continues to grow because people’s lives are busier, leaving them less time to prepare food. They are also taking shorter lunch breaks, leaving them less time for a midday meal. However, being more ‘cash rich, time poor’, consumers are more prepared to buy prepared sandwiches, looking for new types of sandwiches that can impress and satisfy with ingredients that reflect what they have eaten when travelling abroad.


Today’s snackers are informed consumers. Not only do they want musthave items, they also want to be surprised. Varied and improved offers are key ways to win over consumers. The trend is towards new and original gourmet sandwiches. They should be a culinary experience — with creative, home-made sandwich fillings using high-quality, healthy ingredients, and without sacrificing tradition or local flavours. Snackers are also responsible consumers who demand transparency in how ingredients are sourced. They want to see more local products being used and need to be reassured. Finally, in addition to wanting a wide range of healthy, gourmet sandwiches, consumers continue to have higher expectations for services that make their lives easier — fast orders, convenient packaging, and accessible points of sale, be it in terms of location or opening hours.


Increased consumption has brought forth a wide variety of breads using unique, gourmet recipes. No longer just a means of holding the fillings together, bread has become an integral part of the sandwich itself. Consumers want freshness. Freshly-baked bread can meet that demand, and is just as important as the made-to-order sandwich. When consumers describe the perfect sandwich bread, they want freshness. The bread should be both crusty yet squishy, soft and easy to chew, full of flavour, light on the stomach and nourishing. But it goes beyond the senses; the bread should also be easy to handle, and the perfect size and shape to hold fillings.