The Buckwheat SO moelleux : The Breton

Recipe for 10 sandwiches


Product used
Le SO moelleux Sarrasin 140 g

  1. Ingredients

    • 600 g fromage frais (St Môret type)
    • 3 lemons
    • 10 g dried seaweed
    • 300 g parsnips
    • 300 g carrots
    • 10 small round pink radishes
    • 1 black radish
    • 400 g smoked salmon
    • 200 g lamb's lettuce


    1. Preparing the fromage frais with seaweed: mix the cheese with the seaweed, the zest of the lemons and a few twists of freshly milled pepper.
    2. Peel and coarsely grate the carrots and parsnips.
    3. Grate the lemons for the zest.
    4. Finely slice the black and pink radishes.


  2. Procedure

    1. Cut the bread in half and fill it with a line of fromage frais.
    2. Add the grated raw vegetables and the strips of smoked salmon and scatter overa few thin slices from the two radishes.
    3. Finish with a few sprigs of lambs’ lettuce.
  3. Procedure

    1. The pink and black radishes give the sandwich a hot, colourful touch!
    2. Add some crunch by sprinkling a few roasted buckwheat seeds in the sandwich.