Roast fig, smoked bacon & blue cheese

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Product used
Fig loaf

  1. Ingredients

    • 1 Bridor Fig loaf
    • 12 figs
    • 12 slices smoked bacon (Alsace)
    • 120g blue cheese
    • 3 tbsp. clear honey
    • Pepper
    • Rocket and watercress to garnish
    • Olive oil


    Take the figs and cut a cross halfway down and pull open, place a nugget of blue cheese inside then wrap each fig with bacon and secure with a wooden pick. Place in a roasting tin and drizzle with honey and season with pepper.

    Cook at 200°C for 8-10min until caramelized but not overcooked. Garnish with some rocket and watercress leaves drizzled with olive oil and some of the juices from the pan.

    Great as a cheese course, starter and light lunch. Serve the Bridor Fig loaf warm to go with it!

  2. Procedure