Bun’n’Roll Le Parisien

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Product used

  1. Ingredients

    • 2 very fine slices of « Prince de Paris » ham
    • 50 g of 24-month-old Comté
    • 1 dried apricot
    • Espelette pepper
    • Sherry vinegar
    • Grapeseed oil
    • Salt and pepper


    • Slice the Bun’n’Roll in half 1 cm from the bottom.
    • Place the sliced Comté on both halves of the bun.
    • Bake both halves of the Bun’n’Roll in the oven for 3 minutes at 200°C or under the grill.
    • Place 2 very fine slices of « Prince de Paris » ham on the bottom half of the Bun’n’Roll.
    • Make a vinaigrette with 1 cl of sherry vinegar, 1 cl of grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, Espelette pepper, and a chopped dried apricot
    • Place a few baby spinach leaves, a few drops of vinaigrette, and a few cubes of dried apricot on the bun.
    • Close the Bun’n’Roll and enjoy!
  2. Procedure