Gourmet coffee to go

Anglosphere cultures and dietary habits have spread like wildfire across the world.

Even the French, so attached to their indoor bistros and outdoor cafés, now go about their day with a travel mug or cup in hand. The hunter-gatherer is back! Be that as it may, the snack food/fast-food market is moving fast and constantly reinventing itself to attract new enthusiasts. Points of sale are converging onto the ready-to-eat market as restaurant chains, supermarkets and even bakeries get in on the act.

In France, where lunch breaks have gotten drastically shorter, consumers remain partial to sweet desserts after a meal. For several years now, gourmet coffee has taken pride of place on the menus of most restaurants.

Gourmet coffee to go is an ideal way to boost sales by offering consumers their favourite pastries along with that indispensable cup of joe.

Apart from fine coffee, of course, good gourmet coffee to go ought to come in a stylish cup (preferably recycled) with well-wrapped little treats. It should be practical and easy to consume!

Go on, give it a try!